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From a multicultural background...

Growing up between two cultures (France and Cambodia), cultural exchange was a daily reality. It’s not surprising that I started my career in International Trade. It may sound weird but it's when I started to work that I began to have a sense of what freedom could be for me. Before then, I was merely doing what was expected of me.


 to an international life and career.

This newfound freedom took me from Paris to London, where I began to discover myself even more.  Through my personal relationships and my career in HR in large blue chip organizations, I developed deep listening skills. While seeking solutions for newly relocated expat executives, it struck me that they were all striving to have successful and happy lives, no matter the background or culture. 

When I moved to Cambodia in 2014, I was feeling the need to do something more meaningful. I worked in a well-established social venture, serving their mission, while coaching and training teams to achieve individual and company-wide success. 

That was fulfilling until it wasn't.

I ignored the signs that told me I was tired, sad, and no longer heading in the right direction. I ignored every cell in my body and every emotion which led me to a burnout. I couldn’t continue. I had no choice but to look inward at what was really going on. 

But was I ready to take the leap? Not until I had a burnout...

In 2019, I suddenly lost the man I loved who was encouraging me to fully embrace my path of being a life coach but I was still scared back then. At the same time, I was facing relationship problems at work for months (not to say years...) and ended up with a burnout. These two events made me realised that Life is short and that the most precious thing we have is Time. You can't buy time. So I needed to make sure that I would stop wasting mine doing things that are not aligned with me anymore.

that I overcame by seeking help and being supported by the right people!

I tried to overcome these challenges on my own but without success.

From the moment I sought to be supported, I met a series of people who enabled me to overcome these challenges, to understand more and more deeply about myself and gave me the courage to dive into my mission.

It was by asking for help and being supported by the right people that I found my way out.


I was finally ready to take the plunge and to live a truly fulfilling life by coaching others!

In early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began to take shape, my inner voice told me it was finally time to answer the call to be a full-time coach. I took the leap.

I can connect to my clients and their struggles to live an authentic and fulfilling life because this has been my journey as well. I know what it means to be scared, to ignore a deeper calling, yet finally find the courage to invest in myself.  Pursuing my desire to help others achieve their goals through the art of coaching brought me to you here, today.

I also have a particular interest in numerology, astrology, human design and yoga educational system.

I am a certified Life Coach and Mental Fitness Coach. My coaching is supported by my extensive corporate professional experience and deep personal experiences.

I offer coaching in French, English and Khmer.


“Happiness is when

what you think, what you say, and what you do

are in harmony”


I create a climate of trust. My approach is holistic. I treat the whole person (emotional, physical and spiritual), in their social context. It involves deep listening, deep questioning, energy reading and actions settings. 

Through all the professional and personal relationships I experienced, I discovered the ability to understand how the human psychology works and to identify where the blockages are. Thanks to this detailed understanding, I can adapt to any person and each session is customised for the person in front of me. Together, we will define actions that are unique to you to help you reach your goals.

I believe in Accountability, Action, the Desire for Happiness, and Mental Fitness. 


We are responsible for ourselves. If you are upset or angry with how someone is treating you, look at how you ended up there. How you treat yourself sends a message to the world about how to treat you. Only you can decide when you are ready to change.

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Objects at rest will stay at rest. If you’re waiting on something, you will keep waiting. Nothing is going to happen if you’re not in action. If you’re not happy with where you are or where you’re going, you have to do something different. Sometimes, it takes an external force to get going or change direction.


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Desire for


Happiness is a choice. I believe that your relationship with yourself determines your relationship with everything else.  If you are well, then all is well. You have to choose where to direct your efforts.

"We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves happy, the amount of work is the same"

  Carlos Castaneda

I can help with the insights to get moving or change direction. I walk alongside you until you know where you’re going. I also help build your mental fitness, to ensure you keep momentum well after your engagement with me is over. You will get what you need and see real life results in our time and beyond, whether it’s 6-weeks, 6 months or more.

Mental Fitness

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