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"It was by asking for help and being supported by the right people that I found my way out."


Who do I work with?

I work with professional women with high levels of responsibility.

They are managing directors, executives, entrepreneurs, consultants.

They are high achievers and restless, i.e. always busy.

They are expatriates or people with a multicultural background whether they grew up in a mixed environment, come from a family who immigrated to a new country or lived, studied or worked in a foreign country a part of their lives and came back home.

They need clarity, perspectives, and support to assemble an action plan and move forward to greater success and happiness.

They are ready to invest in themselves and take back control of their lives.

People come to me because:

  • They are facing relationship problems at work, with their manager, their colleagues or any other stakeholders.

  • They are facing relationship issues with their family and they have no work/life balance.

  • They are going through a burnout.

  • They are moving away from who they are.

  • They are not doing do what they like.

  • They are working too much and cannot recharge their batteries.

  • They are giving everything to the company they're working for, forgetting their own projects.

  • They are facing difficulties in their expatriation experience (at a professional or personal level).

How do I work?

1.    Through active listening, questioning and observation, I understand the details of your psychological and                     energetical mechanisms, how you function and I identify what is really going on.

2.    Our discussions will give you new perspectives on the difficulties you are facing. This will allow to de-dramatise             their stakes and defuse the issues so that you can overcome the blockages.

3.    I fluidify your mechanisms with the energy I convey.

4.    With my lively nature, I generate energy that will give you the impulse to take action.

5.    Together we will define personalised actions adapted to your functioning to enable you overcome your challenges         and reach your goals.


My Services:

Simply choose the support package that suits you, A La Carte, Deep Dive or Positively Empowered Women (PEW) Program.


To give you an idea, people tend to choose the Deep Dive package when they are facing a challenge with a certain level of "urgency", when they need results rapidly and have the time and energy to invest now.

PEW Program is designed to help busy professional women conquer self-doubt, boost their confidence to live and lead authentically without sacrificing their well-being in 90 days. 

Our sessions will be over Zoom or in-person when possible.

A La Carte

  • $300/session

  • 60-90 min/session

  • As and when required

Deep Dive

  • $1500/6 sessions 

  • 60-90 min/session

  • 1 session/week

  • Personal support over
    6 weeks


  • Details available on demand

  • Program delivered over
    12 weeks

        If you're ready to talk, let's schedule a free discovery call.

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