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   Many of my clients had never worked with a coach before.  

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How is coaching different from therapy? 

Coaching is not a replacement for therapy. Life coaching is about forming a partnership to help you disrupt your thinking and to receive the support you need to enact the changes you are looking to make. For those who are experiencing issues such as depression or anxiety, they should consult with a doctor or therapist to determine if they can also benefit from personal coaching.

Is coaching the right fit for me? 

The right fit for coaching is all about readiness and goals. 


Are you ready to commit to the process, invest the time and money, do whatever it takes to have the life you want? If so, then YES coaching is right for you. 


Do you want to gain greater focus, more fulfillment, a better sense of life direction, relief from certain obstacles or struggles? Do you want to improve your relationships, regain your confidence, and a feel at home in your skin again?  If so, then YES, coaching is right for you.

What will I get out of coaching? 

The people I work with gain clarity, new perspectives and reliable support to put together adequate actions to navigate a new way forward. They develop greater awareness, confidence, courage and conviction in the decision they make.

How fast will I see results?

That all depends on you! I have seen clients experience an energetic shift in as little as a few sessions. Where are you now? How ready are you to invest in yourself and do the work? I can't guarantee a specific timeframe, but I can guarantee that you will see change.

Am I the right Coach for you?

If my approach and my personality speak to you, then probably yes.

Having been through that myself, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of being supported by the right person, it does make the difference.

Trust your gut feeling.

If you're ready to talk, let's schedule a free discovery call.

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