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 I will always be thankful!

"Prior to starting my sessions with Sokuntha, I would often get stuck in spirals of stress and lose my temper.  I cared too much about the impact my decisions and actions would have on others. Sokuntha helped me remember to care for myself, first and foremost. She helped me find the courage to face my deepest fears and inner demons. Today I am a more positive and patient person, which has resulted in positive improvements in all aspects of my life. And for that, I will always be thankful!"


Owner and Managing Director of a Business Consulting Firm,

French, based in Cambodia

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Coaching restored my professional confidence

"I had the privilege of being coached by Sokuntha for 6 weeks. Before starting the sessions, I didn't know exactly where I belonged in my company.

Sokuntha's holistic approach to personal development restored confidence in my professional values ​​and helped me set boundaries for the tasks assigned to me. Sokuntha reboosted my confidence enough to ask for a raise even in our current economic crisis. You know what? My boss said YES!

In addition to her caring and attentive listening, powerful questioning, she incorporates guided meditation sessions and instills positive thinking. Each session is rhythmic, dynamic and unique.

I realised I had the keys I need to open any door. Sokuntha helped me to find the right key for the right door. It’s up to me to turn it"


Vice Principal of an Early Years School,

French, living in Phnom Penh

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Love yourself and Life will love you even more!

"2020 brought non-stop challenges, especially professional. The harder I tried, and failed, the more worn down I became. 


Sokuntha listened, asked probing questions and helped me find the answers hidden in the challenge. In six weeks, she transformed my perspective from feeling stuck, scared, and downright exhausted to having energy, gratitude, and courage to move forward. 


My partner tells me every day that I’m glowing. As soon as I changed, things started to move around me to a more positive place."


Freelance Writer and Communications Consultant,

American, living in Phnom Penh

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Schedule a session and meet yourself!


"A session with Sokuntha is like a rendez-vous with yourself. She never tells you what to do or think but she brings in new perspectives to allow you to understand what you deeply want. She is like a mirror to your soul.  During or after each session, I have always experienced some self-realisations, I know exactly what I should do or how I should feel.


I am (or was) a very ambitious person, mainly driven by professional achievements.  Working with Sokuntha has allowed me to get through a real burnout, re-build my self-confidence and transition to a more peaceful lifestyle. Everyone should treat themselves to a Life Coach!"




French, living in Siem Reap

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I got back to myself (and back to work)!


    "After losing my mother, I was in deep depression. I took a 2-month leave from work. I had sleepless nights, loss of appetite and no energy at all. I had so many issues that I didn’t know where to start. Luckily I met Sokuntha, my lifesaver! 

At first, I was hesitant to open up but after the first session, I decided to regularly meet with her for 3 months. Sokuntha helped me to grieve and I was finally able to let go of the pain and continue to honor the love I have for my Mum. I learned to manage my daily stress level to get back to myself   (and back to work)."


Single Mom, Business Development Director,

Filipina, living in Cambodia

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Mental fitness is life changer

"I had been feeling at odds with myself for several years. There were a lot of emotions I couldn't control and it was having a strong impact on my daily relationships at work and at home. But I had never considered getting a coach. 


I started a 6-week coaching program after discussing my needs with Sokuntha and we agreed on this format.

After a couple of weeks, she proposed I join the PQ program. At that time, I had very little knowledge about the subject and what would happen. It was a revelation, a game changer to reconnect with myself. Now I practice QP every day because I feel the need deeply and because the benefits are impressive.

I found the perfect coach who pointed me in the right direction.


Following these two coaching programs at the same time has clearly changed the course of my life and allowed me to go beyond my expectations.

I can finally live my life with serenity and confidence. Everyone around me has noticed the change, especially my husband who told me that he had been waiting for me to come back for a long time…"



Chief Operating Officer of an SME company,

French, living in Cambodia

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